Defined By What?

circumstances, tribulation, trialsI have at least two different sets of circumstances in my life that I wish were completely different.  On one of them a minor change would be all it takes to make things right.  On the other one, without being too specific, I think the problem requires a larger and more complex solution.  In both cases the answer to the dilemma is frustratingly out of my reach.

What do you think has been my response to these problems?

If you said “a lot of prayer” then you would be exactly right.  I keep asking the Lord to change my circumstances or, if that isn’t His will, to give me strength to get through it.  So far, His strength has been sufficient for me and based on His word I know that it will continue to be.  (2 Corinthians 12:9)  I am learning to trust in God one step at a time even when I don’t like the looks of my current surroundings and I look forward to seeing the good that God will work from such a time as this.

Unfortunately I have also started to realize that I have let my circumstances define me for far too long.

I have made excuses as to why I can’t love more, pray more and serve more based on how tired and weak I am instead of acting in faith and believing that God would grant me strength to carry out His will, as it is revealed to me.  Instead of walking by faith I have walked by sight and I have looked more like a broken down child of the world than a spirit-filled child of the King.  Even as I have appeared to be outwardly fine my internal attitude and outlook has been completely colored by my situation.

I am not ok with this.

I am not to be defined by my circumstances nor I am called to expend my time and energy to change them.  I was not saved in order to live a trouble free life but in order for God to show His mighty power through my troubles.  And my circumstances may not change any time soon but God has granted me the wisdom to just be still and know that He is in control.  (Psalm 46:10)

Starting today I choose to be defined by something different.  Starting today I choose to be defined by my Heavenly Father, my relationship to His son Jesus Christ and the work that He desires to do in my life.  This is what defines me.







  1. I was spiritually blind and God open my eyes.
    God has made me alive, opened my ears, my mind. Thank You Lord.
    To know i mean realy that God is.
    To know wisdom… In this world *wisdom* is the end all. To be all. However in the Bibe there is a higher level that is understanding.
    To know a truth that is always true and be able to apply it thats wisdom. To know why it’s true thats understanding.
    Salaman said “Gain understang”
    Before you can take the spek out of your brothers eye you must take the log out of your own eye. Only with understanding can your log be removed from your eye,, for we are expected to help our brother.
    That is just one way that understanding enables you to be more then a conqueror.
    Understanding enables you too spot deceptive reasoning

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