The Believer’s Proof

faith, provision, dependenceToday I am working off of a very simple but very powerful truth.  That whatever it is that I lack, God can supply it.  Or to turn it around, whatever it is that you lack, God can supply it.

Lately, for whatever reason, God keeps bringing me back to the basic idea of faith and belief in Him and His sovereignty.  And for us to really “get” the idea that God really can supply all of our needs and that He really does love us so much that He is standing, waiting to provide what we need if we would only ask, we need our faith increased.

Our faith needs to be proven and it needs to be exercised and stretched, like a muscle.  And for that to happen we need to be in a position where we don’t have all the answers and we don’t have the resources that we need.  Because once we realize that we don’t have what we need and we can’t manufacturer it or get it anywhere else but God, then we can rely on Him and watch as He miraculously provides above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine.

And then the process needs to be repeated and in that process, our faith in and dependence on God will increase.

There are many ways that this can happen.  For some of us who are very stubborn, we will only realize this truth when we have made almost every mistake that there is to make and gotten ourselves in very bad shape.  Call it a crisis point or coming to the end of ourselves, but that is what it takes for some of us.  And it is only when we’ve realized how wrong we have been and how far we have strayed and how fruitless our actions have been can we then turn to a holy God and repent and ask Him to turn our lives around for good.

For others, it is a more gradual process of realization as the Holy Spirit draws and the individual begins to listen and prove what God is saying.  Thankfully, the end result is the same.  No matter how we come or when we come, as long as we fully commit our hearts and lives to God and continue to depend on Him for everything, God will use us and bless many through us.

So my question today, for all of us, is this: what do you lack?  Whether it be something obvious and incessant or something subtle and hidden from the view of most.  And once we have realized that need, are we completely dependent on our precious Savior to meet it, waiting for His provision, or are we looking somewhere else?

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