Among The Highly Favored

highly favored, salvation, BibleI’ve mentioned Sean Hyman on this blog before.  He is a former pastor who has gone on to become a financial advisor with a focus on teaching Biblical principles for money management and investing.  Sean’s book, Six Keys to Financial Success, has been reviewed on this site previously.  If you haven’t already read that review, I would highly recommend checking it out and then picking up a copy of the book.  You can find that review here.

Watching one of Mr. Hyman’s video updates recently, he said something that I think needs to be shared and expanded on.  He said, “I try to show people a way to think and handle their resources in a way that makes them highly favored because they are following Biblical instruction and teaching”.  Those were not the exact words, but he did use the phrase “highly favored” in regards to following Biblical teaching and that stuck with me.

First of all, do we realize that if we are saved children of God, we are already highly favored?  If God has seen fit to call us out of sin and darkness and redeem us with the blood of Jesus unto eternal salvation, then what an amazing position we occupy!  In both Psalm 17:8 and Zechariah 2:8, we are referred to as “the apple of His eye”.  God truly loves and adores His children and stores up amazing blessings for those who are His.  Often times, I don’t think we realize how blessed we are just by being saved and redeemed.

And even though our salvation and eternal life is an unsurpassed gift, God’s favor for His children doesn’t stop there.  He has also given us the gift of His spirit, in our hearts, to live and reside with us during our time here on this earth.  We are free to commune with the Spirit of God and to spend time in His presence and are encouraged to do so by His Word.  The results of which are peace, joy and abundant love that lasts despite our circumstances and remains strong even in the midst of life’s trials.  God’s Holy Spirit in our hearts assures us of His never ending, never changing love for us.

But that’s not all.  The Bible is full of God’s teaching and wisdom which, if we will read and apply it, will cause us to live lives that are highly favored and blessed beyond measure.  Being saved is wonderful and fantastic but if that salvation is accompanied by ignorance of God’s Word and His teaching then we will not live the kind of lives that God would have us to live and we run the risk of doing more harm than good in this world.  We as Christians have a responsibility to know what God says and then to live out His instruction so that we may be good examples to all who know us.

We have a choice to make.  Do we choose to think and act in such a way that allows God to bless us and through us, bless others?  Do we desire to live a life that is highly favored because we are doing what God says and are therefore receiving every gift that is ours to claim?  Or are we simply content with our salvation, just trying to muddle through until our time on earth is over and the Lord calls us home?

I would hope that we see our salvation as the precious gift that it is but that we also see it as a starting point for real growth and the beginning of an amazing life.  I believe that God intends salvation to be built on like a foundation, not sat on like a piece of furniture that never changes.  God desires to take us on a journey towards Him and His heart and we can’t do it by sitting still or choosing to remain as we are.  God’s favor and blessings for your life can grow, but do you want them to?