A Letter of Thanks to My Church

Thank You ChurchDear Church,

Although I am not able to be with you for this time of thanksgiving and testimony, I want you to know how much you mean to me and my family.  For many years, Vicki and I have been a part of this fellowship and while she has always had the giving heart of a servant, I can’t say the same for myself.

While I tried to be content for a time with merely showing up, God had no intention of letting me remain as a bench warmer.  If there is one thing that I have learned beyond any doubt in this past year, it is that trying to live the Christian life while not being fully and completely surrendered to God will make you miserable.  If God has a plan for you (and He does) then He will not give you peace until His will is accomplished in your life.

As I try to love the Lord and to live for Him, I am so thankful that I have a church who loves and supports one another.  I am so thankful for the prayers and encouragement given by the body of believers here in my local church.

You are my closest brothers and sisters in Christ and I see your witness for the Lord shining brightly.  I see it in your smiles, in your handshakes and hugs, in your willingness to work and most of all, in your knees bent in prayer.

Prayer is powerful and prayer changes things.  We are seeing that power and we are seeing things change for the Glory of God here in our church because of  prayer.  So keep on praying and believe me when I say that I am going to continue to pray with you and for you.

I have never been more excited to see what God has in store for this fellowship of believers than I am right now.  I truly believe that if we continue to stay submitted to God and to pray and seek His face in all that we do, then He will pour out His blessings on us in a powerful and visible way.  And as He does so, we will be the light to this community that it so desperately needs.

So thank you, church, for all that you do.  Thank you for what you have meant to me in the past and thank you for what you mean to me right now.  You are my spiritual home here on earth and I look forward to serving with you in the coming days.  Bless you all.

Matthew Gaither


New Beginnings – A Blessing and A Challenge

thankful, blessings, giftsSometimes, the Lord blesses us in the most unexpected ways.  Such is the case with my new job.  After having worked in retail for the past five years and in IT for the ten years before that, I now find myself using all of my accumulated knowledge in new ways and in a new place.

I was not looking for a new job.  I had actually decided to continue in retail for at least the next year or so simply because my employer was a good one, my hours were regular and the wage was decent.  Truth be told, I was not especially looking forward to another Christmas in retail;  if you are a retail worker then I sympathize with you because you know what I’m talking about, but I was thankful to be employed and I counted my blessings.

And then one day a man walked in the door and I exchanged greetings and small talk with him because I knew him from when I did IT work those many years ago.  He was a local business owner who had used our firm for various services and we remembered each other.  He browsed around for a while and then as he was about to walk back out the door to leave he surprised me with a question.  He said “Are you looking for any other opportunities?”  That, of course, started the conversation that lead me to accept a position with his company.

Needless to say, the past week has been all about getting acclimated and settled in to my new position.  This brings about a special set of challenges that you normally wouldn’t even consider except when starting a new position at a new place.  For instance, learning the telephone number and address of your establishment so that you can give customers the correct information.  Or, figuring out the most convenient place to buy fuel for your car because your route to and from work has been completely altered.  Most days were fun and interesting but one or two were stressful and headache inducing as I struggled to come to grips with all of the new information that I needed to know.

Through it all I have been very aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit watching over, protecting and sustaining me.  Even amid the stressful days this has been the smoothest new job transition that I’ve ever undertaken.  Things have just gone well this week and I give all the credit and glory to my Heavenly Father who is the author of all good and perfect gifts.  (James 1:17)

I acknowledge and appreciate God’s gifts and how abundantly He has blessed me and I will continue to do that as often as possible.  One of my life’s goals is to cultivate a continuing attitude of thankfulness and to not forget how favored I am.  I am here to do His will and my very life is contingent upon His great grace.  Thank you, Lord, for new beginnings, new challenges and new blessings.

How about you?  Have you had any new beginnings that you are thankful for recently?  I appreciate your comments!