October 2013 recap

Goals,Dreams,PrayersAnother month of blessing, surprises and new discoveries in our journey of faith.  Isn’t it good to be a child of God?  I hope that you know that it is a very good thing indeed!

With the “official” launch of the site several months back I decided I would record, for accountability and posterity sake, several different statistics and compile them in a recap post on the first of the following month.  It gives a good snapshot of how the site is doing in terms of traffic and growth and also gives me a chance to publicly show any gifts received or income made.

At this point I should note that income is very secondary to what Matthew515 is all about.  My prayer is that the site would be self-sufficient (hosting costs are not large but are an ongoing expense) but even if it isn’t, my God owns the cattle of a thousand hills and I trust Him completely.  He will provide through other avenues so long as I am faithful to do what He has called me to do.

If you would like to help support the site there are a couple of very easy ways that you can do that.  I have affiliate status with both Amazon.com and Dayspring.com and there are banners for both companies on the site here.  If you click on one of those banners it will take you to that company’s website; Amazon banner to Amazon.com and Dayspring banner to Dayspring.com.   If you happen to make a purchase after clicking on the banner from Matthew515 then a small percentage of the price of the product you buy will be given to Matthew515 as a referral fee.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra to do your shopping this way so it’s a win for everyone.

And now for the numbers:

Unique Visitors: 1,120 (957 last month) +17%

Number of Visits: 2,441 (1,871 last month) +30%

Pages Viewed: 10,439 (8,363 last month) +25%

Income: Amazon Affiliate sales $2.60 ($1.45 last month)  +79%

October was a month of lower lows and higher highs than September in terms of weekly and daily visits and views.  Up until the very last week the overall numbers were very close to last month but then the site hit two attendance records on back to back days on the 29th and 30th.  This helped end the month on a very positive note and was very encouraging, especially in light of Mr. Denver Harris’s post on the 30th.

If you’ve read any of my previous monthly recaps then you know that I have a giant goal for this site that is frankly far beyond my ability.  That goal is for the site to one day hit 10,000 unique visitors in a month.  And it’s not a goal that I have set simply because I want a lot of visitors to the site, although that would be a fine thing as well.  It’s a goal that only God can accomplish, in His timing and in His will, as long as I continue to work like it’s up to me and pray like it’s up to Him.

I will continue to sow and I will leave the increase up to Him.  Thank you for reading and God Bless!




September 2013 Recap

Goals,Dreams,PrayersIt’s that time again!  At the end of each month I will report the number of visitors, visits, pages viewed and hits that Matthew515.com received.  I will also show any income generated or donations received.  My purpose with this is twofold:

1) I want to be completely transparent and open about this ministry and the process of running the website.  It keeps me accountable, it pleases the Lord and it just makes good sense to do it that way.

2) I want to keep accurate records and be able to glorify my Lord publicly as He blesses and grows the website and the ministry.  It’s His work and I am honored to be His instrument.


As I stated in last month’s recap, one of my initial goals is that the site be self-sufficient.  Web hosting costs are not outrageous but they are an ongoing expense.

A word about supporting the site:  Most books or products you see with linked text are Amazon links.  If you click the link and end up purchasing a product through Amazon this site will get a small percentage of that sale.  Likewise the Amazon banner on the right side of the page; if you click it and then buy anything from Amazon the site gets a small percentage.  It’s a very quick and easy way of supporting the site that does not cost you anything extra.

I have also partnered with Dayspring, who specialize in Christian cards, Inspirational Gifts, Home Decor, etc. to put a couple of links from Matthew515.com to Dayspring.com.    You can read their very encouraging mission statement here.  Just like with Amazon, if you click the link and end up making a purchase from Dayspring the site will get a small percentage of that sale.  I greatly appreciate any and all support as I strive to be in the center of His will.

Finally, I discussed my goal for unique visitors in last month’s recap and I will restate it here.  I’m praying for 10,000 unique visitors per month.  That’s a lofty goal and while I am insufficient for such a task the Lord surely is not.  As long as I continue to work like it’s up to me and pray like it’s up to Him then I know that God will be glorified.  I look forward to seeing Him work in mighty ways!

And now for the numbers:

Unique Visitors: 957 (759 last month) +26%

Number of Visits: 1,871 visits (1,521 last month) +23%

Pages Viewed: 8,363 (7,458 last month) +12%

Income: Google Adsense .54 and Amazon .91  = $1.45. ($1.57 last month) -8%

Unique visitors and number of visits both showed really encouraging increases in what I understand from other bloggers to be a tough month for readership.  Pages viewed showed a smaller increase but that number is really secondary and I only list it for trivia sake.  Income was just about nonexistent but being a very new site and a new blogger I am not discouraged by this.  Income is very secondary to what I am doing here and I trust the Lord to provide; if not through this blog then through other avenues.  God always keeps His promises and I am very blessed!

Thus ends our second monthly summary and I appreciate you taking the time to read it and to support the site and the ministry.  As always, please leave any comments or suggestions in the spaces below.