Always The Right Choice

praise, petition, trust in JesusIsn’t God good?  I hope that you know for sure that He is.  I hope that you have allowed Him to prove His goodness and mercy to you.  The fact is that His love towards us is constant and that His power and grace are always available to us if we will humbly acknowledge Him and His sufficiency,

The more we rely on Him and the more we acknowledge Him the more He is able to show us His goodness and His love towards us.  It is the sweetest thing when we begin to daily rely on the Lord for strength and can rest in His blessed assurance that no matter the circumstance we know that God is able.  We see Him working and can perceive with our spiritual eyes the way that He holds us up and empowers us to do His work.  We feel His hand of mercy and can sense Him working all things to our ultimate good.

Are you familiar with the hymn, “The Longer I Serve Him, the Sweeter He Grows”?  Here is the chorus and the second verse:

The Longer I Serve Him, The sweeter He grows
The more that I love Him , More joy He bestows
Each day is like heaven My heart overflows
The Longer I Serve Him, The sweeter He grows

Every need He is supplying
Plenteous Grace He bestows
Every day my way grows brighter
The Longer I Serve Him
The sweeter He grows

Is the hymn writer really saying that God is getting better all the time?  No, the writer is not saying that.  God’s goodness is constant and He is unchanging.  What the writer is trying to convey is that our perception of His goodness improves with our willingness to serve and acknowledge His Lordship.  In other words, the only people who think that God is not good are those who do not truly know Him and only those who know Him best know how truly good He can be!

Deciding to serve the Lord and to trust Him with everything, day in and day out, is always the right choice.  Despite distractions, despite circumstances and despite our strengths and weaknesses, God’s way is always the best, the sweetest and the most blessed.

My prayer is that we would all call on the name of the Lord as often as possible.  My prayer is that His praises would forever be on our tongues and that we would ever seek to know just how good He can be.  And my prayer is that we would seek to share His goodness and His message of salvation with all those who are willing to receive it.