Monday Music Musings

Third Day,Newsboys,Amy Grant,Barlow GirlI live a musical life.  It’s a rare day that I don’t have a song playing in my head at least some of the time.  As I’ve previously written about, I enjoy music from many genres and in many styles.  Music energizes me and lifts my spirit and in many cases turns my heart towards my Heavenly Father in praise.

This particular song has been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately.  It’s as much a prayer as it’s a song and it’s beautiful in its simplicity.  Listen to the words and hear the important message of “Lead Me Lord” as sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  TBC choir and our faithful leader Milena, I dedicate this one to you.  Bless you for what you do.

“Lead Me Lord” is an amazing song and it is a great place to start our Monday music musing but it isn’t where we will stop.  We live in an amazing time where anyone with internet access and a computer has access to a huge selection of music.  I’ve been a music fan for most of my life so narrowing down just a few for a post like this is sometimes difficult.  But not today.

As I lay down to sleep last night the songs that I wanted to celebrate today were right there in my head.  I think the Lord knew I needed some encouragement and strengthening and was ministering to me even then.  Listening to these songs this morning has really touched me and excited me; it’s great to be a child of God!

I get tears in my eyes every time I listen to this next song.  Every time.  The words and the music together form a powerful combination of hope and praise that just makes my heart feel like it is about to burst with joy.  This is the Newsboys singing “He Reigns”.

The Newsboys and their music have meant a lot to me over the years.  I have plans to do a piece that covers their ministry and discography and to share more of the unique gift that God has given them.

One more for today.  This is a song from my formative teenage years and I can remember listening to this song as I was approaching high school graduation and how it filled me with a sense of purpose.  It’s a hopeful song that is sung with power and energy and it’s 90’s rock right to the core.  Most appropriately for, this is White Heart singing “Light a Candle”.  I’m posting the lyrics for this one underneath the video because they form a message that still resounds to this day.

A flame is rising up in you,
A spark is struck,
Electric blue,
For the hand of love has brushed your eyes, and now it’s love that shines,
Light a candle.

There’s a surge of hope within your heart and you want to play a bigger part for you heard the word that Jesus said,
You want to turn the world upon its head,
Now lift your hands up high into the sky and light a candle.

A city of faith can not be hid,
Let the fire burn on the holy wind,
So if you want to change your world and be a living flame, light a candle.

So, on a cold and moonless night, in your window place your candlelight, and let it burn so all can see your holy torch of liberty,
And pray for love, pray for peace,
Pray the world will be released from the fear that locks us in the dark, from the hate that pulls us all apart,
In the ashes there will rise a sacred flame,
Light a candle,
Light it up now.

You’re back may be against a wall but you’ve seen the love that conquers all,
You know that he can change your world, so be a living flame,
Light a candle.

Oh, light a candle,
Oh, light a candle.

You can change your world if you believe,
Do you know you can light up the world?
Light up, light up,
Light up, light up,
Light up, light up,
Light up the world.

Light a candle,
See love shine,
Light a candle,
Light a candle,
All Gods people, all God’s people,
Would you light a candle?
Let it shine,
Oh, let it shine,
Light a candle,
See the face of all the people, see them shine.

I hope that you have been sincerely blessed by the Monday Music Musing’s and that you go about your day encouraged and with a song in your heart.

Do you have a favorite song that really gets your spiritual juices flowing?  I’d love for you to share in the comment section below!