Hidden Wisdom from 1987


Thanks, Dad!

During a recent visit by my parents, my Dad handed me a small piece of paper.  He found this piece of paper while cleaning out his Bible recently and the date on the top of one side said “January 28, 1987”.  On the back side are sermon notes from that night’s message.

Dad said he remembered taking these notes and deciding to keep them.  They obviously meant something to him and reading the list he made I can see why.  I doubt he had me in mind while he was taking these notes but I am grateful that he thought about me when he rediscovered them.  Isn’t it amazing how God can use something we do to bless and encourage someone else even 26 years later?

Here is what Dad wrote all those years ago.

1. Love others just the way they are.

2. Love yourself just the way God made you.

3. Forgive yourself and free yourself from guilt.

4. Forgive any and every person that has wronged you.

5. Take the initiative in solving problems.

6. Seek to learn valuable lessons from conflict.

7. Develop a healthy sense of humor.

8. Refuse to accept defeat.

9. Set a limit on down time.

10. Be thankful, always.

11. Turn lemon frustration into lemonade opportunities.

12. Refuse to let little things ruin your day.

This is a list to live by.  Reading it now, in 2013, just goes to show that wisdom and truth do not change with the times.  What was true for God’s people then is still true for God’s people now; we just need to continue putting that truth into practice.

I hope that reading Dad’s list has blessed and encouraged you the same way that it blessed and encouraged me.  Let’s continue to gain wisdom and understanding together and commit to living a life that pleases God.

Are you currently practicing all of the items on Dad’s list?

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