Coming Soon – Peace on Earth!

peace, submission, Luke 2:14If you know human history it would seem that true, actual peace on earth is far from a possibility.  If you keep track of current events it would also seem that true, actual peace on earth does not exist.  And if you add together our human history with what’s going on in the world now it would seem like peace on earth won’t be a part of our future either.

Yet Luke 2:14 says “Glory to God in the Highest, peace on earth and goodwill towards men.”  And if we take the Bible to be God’s infallible word then a true, actual peace on earth must not only be possible, but must be in the making even now.

Where is this peace?  If it really is in the making then where does it start and can we be involved?

The good news is, peace starts with us.  It starts IN us, to be more precise.  It starts when we lay down our own selfish wills and submit our lives to the authority of God through his son, Jesus Christ.  By proclaiming publicly that God’s will is more important than our will, we unify our hearts towards a high calling.  And when hearts are unified towards God, peace begins.

We can finally be at peace with God having been redeemed out of sin and death and unto life and freedom.  Together with like minded individuals we can work in one accord toward God’s ultimate purpose on earth: to spread the good news of the gospel and make it known to all men that Jesus saves.

In Luke 2:14 the message of the angels from God was really a statement of beginning.  Stated another way they said” God’s goodwill is shown to all men.  Peace is now possible with God through the gift of His son!  Praise His name for this marvelous gift!”

Although it may seem that true, actual peace on earth will never be attained we can read and study God’s word and know that one day God will bring peace to all the earth.  He will do this through force in a final defeat of Satan and his armies at a place called Armegeddon.  Once evil is removed from the earth those who chose to submit to His authority during life will be given the privilege of living with Him in His holy city of New Jerusalem.  Those who chose not to submit to His authority during life will be sealed away forever in a place called Hell that was originally reserved for the Devil and his fallen angels.

I say this both to inform and to warn.  The time to choose peace with God is now, while you have the chance.  We are not promised tomorrow.  God can do amazing things with your life but only if you let Him.  He leaves the ultimate decision up to you.  Choose peace with God by laying down your will in submission to Him or choose to be the god of your own life.  Both decisions have eternal ramifications and there is no middle ground.

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