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Inspiration For Leaders

To be a child of God is to be a follower.  We are to follow our Lord's commands and to seek him with our whole mind and whole heart.  But to be a child of God is also to be a leader.  We are charged to lead the way in pointing others to Jesus Christ and to encourage, exhort and enable those around … [Read More...]

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When God’s Word Is Real To Us

One of the most amazing things about God's Word is that we can read it repeatedly throughout our whole lives and all at once a passage of scripture will become real … [Read More...]

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Let Us Love

Divisions in the church and among God's people are incredibly damaging and demoralizing.  They completely destroy our focus on God and His presence and allow Satan … [Read More...]

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Hope And Blessings In The Darkness

We all find ourselves in dark places from time to time.  Places where answers are hard to find and the future seems uncertain.  In those times our world seems to shake around us and the foundations we have laid for ourselves no longer seem capable or strong … [Read More...]

Biblical Instruction For A Good Night’s Sleep

The Bible is an amazing document.  It contains the words of God and was authored under His divine instruction and inspiration.  For a Christ-follower it is the guide and the road-map for life. The Bible contains everything that we, as believers, need to … [Read More...]

How To Be A Follower

Leadership is important.  The strength and effectiveness of any organization will largely be determined by the strength and skill of its leader.  Teams with great coaches tend to excel and companies with great CEO's more often than not provide good products … [Read More...]

Where We Belong

All of us, I believe, have certain places that are special and memorable to us.  It might be a favorite vacation spot or restaurant or even the house we grew up in but, wherever it is, it is a place with meaning and significance. And among places with … [Read More...]

And Then I Awoke

I am continually amazed by how God works and how he chooses to reveal himself to us.  There have been many times in my life where I was in the middle of a problem and God chose to somehow, some way, step in and completely alleviate the situation.  At times, I … [Read More...]

Choosing Joy Over Happiness

Although we sometimes use the words "happiness" and "joyful" interchangeably, I would argue that, spiritually speaking, there is an important difference.  In the English language, the experience of happiness and the experience of  joy are thought to be … [Read More...]