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How Trust And Obey Belong Together

Trust and Obey is a favorite hymn of the Christian church.  The song itself was a collaboration between John Sammis and Daniel Towner but was actually inspired by an unnamed young man giving his testimony after a service given by Dwight L Moody.  The young man's closing remarks were "I'm not quite … [Read More...]

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What Keeps You Going?

What keeps you going?  What motivates and inspires you, day after day? For me, it is God's love.  God shows His love to me in many ways but nowhere moreso than … [Read More...]

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Be The Grape And Not The Raisin

Let me first say that I don't have anything personal against raisins.  In fact, I think they are delicious and I especially like them decorating the top of a rice … [Read More...]

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Three Steps to Experiencing Our Quiet Time in God’s Way

What does it take to come before God on a daily basis in such a way that He is glorified and we are blessed?  I believe not only is it scriptural that we set aside time each day to spend with our Lord, but that scripture also shows us the best way to do so. … [Read More...]

The Search for Wisdom and Knowledge

I have begun an earnest search for wisdom and knowledge.  I have always possessed a strong desire to discover, to ask why and to understand but lately I feel a sense of increased urgency.  Something, no, some One has built a fire inside my heart that is … [Read More...]

How Genuine Faith Is Formed

Have you ever said to yourself "I don't like this, I don't understand why it's happening and I wish it would go away!"  If you are like me then you have likely uttered similar statements or had similar thoughts on more than one occasion.  It seems to be part … [Read More...]

For Freshness, Go To The Source

I have recently discovered something wonderful, right here in my own town.  As a coffee aficionado, I am always looking for ways to improve my morning cup, and this might be the biggest improvement in flavor and overall enjoyment that I have yet … [Read More...]

My Favorite Hymns

I've mentioned before that I love music.  It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I credit my parents for helping to encourage my musical interest. I can remember singing in my children's Sunday School class as a child and by grade … [Read More...]

Where True Beauty Resides

I don't often write about current events or popular culture.   They are here today and gone tomorrow and often not worth much in the grand scheme of God's plan.  That being said, I'm going to use an example today that is drawn from a recently aired television … [Read More...]