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Better Than Life

Today I want to go back to a verse of scripture that I have written about before.  Sometimes God reveals new truths to us through verses we have read many times before, and that is the case here with Psalm 63:3. Psalm 63:3 is a wonderful statement of praise written by King David when he was … [Read More...]

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Today’s Bread Is Ready, Are You?

Our title today comes from Matthew 6:11 which is part of what we refer to as "The Lord's Prayer".  Jesus Himself prayed this prayer as an example to us and that … [Read More...]

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Alpha Predator Author Interview with Steve Taylor

Back on June 19th, I posted my book review of Alpha Predator: How to Be Victorious Over Life's Ultimate Adversary and What to do When You're Not.  If you have read … [Read More...]

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Until The Relationship Is Right, Nothing Else Will Be

As I was pondering and praying about several different things recently, God gave me a thought.  It was the sentence that is the title of this post.  "Until the relationship is right, nothing else will be". This thought, I believe, is a very powerful truth … [Read More...]

Among The Highly Favored

I've mentioned Sean Hyman on this blog before.  He is a former pastor who has gone on to become a financial advisor with a focus on teaching Biblical principles for money management and investing.  Sean's book, Six Keys to Financial Success, has been reviewed … [Read More...]

The 50 Year Prayer

Have you ever prayed for someone or something that you knew was God's will but it didn't seem like your prayers were being answered?  Perhaps you prayed for weeks or months or even years and you saw no outward sign that your prayers were having any effect at … [Read More...]

Why Do You Believe?

A recent sermon I heard was based around the question "Why should I believe in God?" If you are reading this blog I hope that you have already answered that question; even so it bears repeating.  Why do you believe in God? 15 But sanctify the Lord God in … [Read More...]

Do I Have To Be Perfect In Order To Serve The Lord?

As Christians, we have a very real and very active enemy.  This enemy is opposed to God and all He stands for and spends all of his time seeking ways to disrupt and destroy that which is good (1 Peter 5:8).  Because we are the blood-bought, born again children … [Read More...]

Who Is Invited?

One of my favorite books in the Bible for morning devotional time is the book of Psalms.  In Psalms we find songs of praise to God, heartfelt cries for God's mercy and presence and encouraging words about God's character and goodness.  Although Psalms is … [Read More...]