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Love, Prayer, Forgiveness and Surrender

If we were, just for a moment, to talk about a few of the most powerful actions and ideas available to us then my top four would be 1) love in action, 2) prayer, 3) surrender and 4) forgiveness.  In these, Jesus Christ is our model and we can be assured that in order to become more Christlike we … [Read More...]

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The Choice Between Vision And Blindness

Hopefully by the time that you read this today you will have eaten a meal.  Can I ask you a silly question?  Why did you do it?  Why did you eat or drink what you … [Read More...]

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We Are Temporary, We Are Eternal

As I looked out the window this morning, the sky immediately caught my attention.  Higher up and farther in the distance I could see clear, blue sky with a few … [Read More...]

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Hope And Blessings In The Darkness

We all find ourselves in dark places from time to time.  Places where answers are hard to find and the future seems uncertain.  In those times our world seems to shake around us and the foundations we have laid for ourselves no longer seem capable or strong … [Read More...]

What Comes Next?

In the last post, we talked about what constitutes a proper memorial for a Christian.  We know that we have the privilege to remember all that God has done for us and then celebrate, rejoice and give thanksgiving to the Lord for his goodness and provision. … [Read More...]

The Christians Proper Memorial Day

One of the things I love about my Lord is how He never ceases to amaze me.  His goodness is truly awesome and some of the best gifts that He has ever given me were things that I never saw coming, involved no plan or idea of mine and had absolutely nothing to … [Read More...]

Worth Celebrating

It always amazes me how God uses His Word to speak to us.  By reading about the events of the past and how God worked through His people to bring about great miracles it can encourage and teach us something in the present day.  The happenings recorded in God's … [Read More...]

Established By God Himself

What does it mean to be established?  Typically we see the word establish as being related to a building, business or corporate body but the meaning actually goes deeper than that.  To be established can actually mean all of these things as well: "to make firm … [Read More...]

The 50 Year Prayer

Have you ever prayed for someone or something that you knew was God's will but it didn't seem like your prayers were being answered?  Perhaps you prayed for weeks or months or even years and you saw no outward sign that your prayers were having any effect at … [Read More...]