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How to Overcome and Gain Victory in Suffering

I've been watching a Netflix show recently about a group of young adults who, one and all, have had to overcome great obstacles and, in many cases, personal tragedy in order to reach their goals and be successful.  What's interesting to me is that even though the series has a positive tone, it … [Read More...]

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Small Steps Big Rewards

Who likes rewards?  I know I do!  It's satisfying to receive a reward, especially after having worked towards a goal or purpose and then accomplishing it. The … [Read More...]

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As Iron Sharpens Iron

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17.  We all need to be sharpened and we all need to grow in our faith and knowledge of the Lord.  In … [Read More...]

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The Power of a Simple Gift – Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is an endeavor that is near and dear to my heart.  Not only do I sincerely believe in the power of one simple gift, it also happens to be one of  my wife's most favorite things.  Anything that brings her that much joy and happens to … [Read More...]

Do What You Want?

Have you ever planned something that seemed like a great idea at the time but then turned out to be totally wrong?  I know I have and I think the answer for most folks who are old enough to make their own decisions would be an emphatic "yep, I've done that!".  … [Read More...]

A Fresh Perspective

These days I make it a habit to stop by my favorite coffee shop at least once a week on my way to work.  The coffee is excellent, the service is friendly and I can pick up a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans while I am there.  For a coffee lover such as … [Read More...]

Why Do You Believe?

A recent sermon I heard was based around the question "Why should I believe in God?" If you are reading this blog I hope that you have already answered that question; even so it bears repeating.  Why do you believe in God? 15 But sanctify the Lord God in … [Read More...]

Project 2020

I started a new writing project recently, one that is quite different than anything that I have attempted before.  I don't want to go into to much detail just yet.  Many things about it could change before it is completed but at this point there are a couple … [Read More...]

The Privilege And Pleasure Of Proclamation

I'm doing this because I told the Lord that I would.  Let me explain: Last month was a difficult one.  There were several things that I was praying specifically for but one in particular really burdened me.  I prayed that it would come to pass nearly every … [Read More...]