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The Christian’s Biggest Mistake

I knew something was wrong immediately.  I felt it inside.  As soon as my eyes opened and I was aware that it was morning I knew that I was not well. Physically fit but mentally and spiritually drained, I climbed out of bed and started my day.  I didn't get very far in to my morning routine … [Read More...]

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How To Win All Of Life’s Battles

It seems to be the case lately that God is taking me on a journey of discovery in His word.  Several times in recent memory I have been reading a Sunday School … [Read More...]

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Among The Highly Favored

I've mentioned Sean Hyman on this blog before.  He is a former pastor who has gone on to become a financial advisor with a focus on teaching Biblical principles for … [Read More...]

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The Most Important Peace

The correct understanding and application of scripture is of vital importance.  God's Word is literally life and wisdom incarnate in the form of Jesus Christ.  When we seek to grow in our knowledge of the Bible and to go deeper into the study of the Word then … [Read More...]

When the Righteous are Afflicted

Life is not easy.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  Striving to live a Godly life is not easy.  Trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, the perfect Son of God, is very difficult indeed. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is coming against us.  As … [Read More...]

The Heart of the Gospel

It matters how we treat each other.  Our behavior towards our friends and enemies alike is of great interest to our Heavenly Father.  God commands us to love one another and to show kindness and compassion even to those who call themselves our enemies.  Not an … [Read More...]

Danger Ahead! Too Much Sand, Not Enough Rock

Do you ever find it difficult to sit still, put your body at rest and lift your heart and mind up to God in earnest prayer?  I know I do!  It seems our natural inclination these days is to go, go, go and to fill our days with activities and tasks that need to … [Read More...]

Embracing Weakness

Is it ok to be weak?  And if so, is it ok if we are perceived as weak by those watching us?  It is something that has been on my mind lately and while I don't have all of the answers I do believe that God's Word has some things to say about the idea of … [Read More...]

Vision and Perspective for the Year Ahead

Believe it or not, we have almost completed one full month in the new year.  One twelfth of the allotted time for this calendar year is nearly gone even though it feels like we just finished putting away the Christmas decorations.  The hours and days continue … [Read More...]