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God’s Provision for a New Year

Last year is over.  A new year has begun.  While making New Year's Resolutions might be the popular thing to do, as God's people we are assured that we don't have to wait until a new year in order to turn over a new leaf.  God says "Today is the day of salvation" (2 Corinthians 6:2) and God's help … [Read More...]

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An Opportunity For Mercy

My family deals with a local business for goods and services a couple of times a year.  We've enjoyed a mutually beneficial arrangement for many years now and we've … [Read More...]

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The Imposition of Real Worship

Imposition is not a word with an especially nice meaning.  To impose one's self upon another is by definition to force an unwelcome or unfair demand upon that … [Read More...]

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Preference or Unity?

The unity of the body of Christ and the way we come together to worship has been central in my thoughts this week.  We are each unique individuals with differences in temperament, personality, experiences, age and abilities yet we are all called to worship the … [Read More...]

A Gift Not A Given

I met a remarkable fellow this week.  In my job doing internet sales I come into contact with people from all over the world.  Mostly these are fleeting encounters that only take as long as a single phone call and are quickly forgotten.  This one man, however, … [Read More...]

The First Step Towards God Meeting Your Needs

I would like to focus on a thought the Holy Spirit shared with me this week and examine it in closer detail.  God is so good and faithful to His children and as I was praying for wisdom and direction for this week's blog entry, this is what was impressed upon … [Read More...]

If You Start Badly, Can You Still Finish Well?

Does this statement sound familiar?  "I am my own worst enemy".  Or how about this variation: "My biggest problem is me".  Does this describe where you are?  Can you relate to feeling as if for every right thing that you do you also do two or three things … [Read More...]

The Human Contribution To God’s Deliverance

One of the best and most important steps that we can take in our Christian walk is coming to the place where we understand and agree with God's viewpoint.  I say this in a general sense because it is a process that must be repeated over and over as our faith … [Read More...]

The Privilege And Pleasure Of Proclamation

I'm doing this because I told the Lord that I would.  Let me explain: Last month was a difficult one.  There were several things that I was praying specifically for but one in particular really burdened me.  I prayed that it would come to pass nearly every … [Read More...]